1. Collect all accident related information
2. Report your accident;

Telephone ICBC Dial-A-Claim and report your Accident:

Lower Mainland: 604-520-8222
Rest of BC or outside the province: 1-800-910-4222

Speak with us before you speak with ICBC. When you report your accident, ICBC Dial-a-Claims staff will typically ask for general information about yourself, the accident, the other vehicle and any injuries you suffered. An appointment will be scheduled to meet with an ICBC adjuster.

You should be prepared to supply:

your license plate number and driver’s license number;
license plate and driver’s license numbers of other vehicles involved in the accident;
details of the accident (including any witness information) and
description of your injuries.

3. Speak to a lawyer and get legal advice: 604-736-5500

We provide free legal advice. We will explain the ICBC CLAIMS process. If you are comfortable with us, we can even start the process and speak with ICBC on your behalf.

4. Apply for insurance benefits and provide a statement to ICBC:

Apply for Accident Benefits (Part 7 no fault benefits) within 90 days of your accident. Call us today and we will complete this form on your behalf;
Provide a written statement to ICBC describing the accident and your injuries within 30 days. We will draft this statement on your behalf.

5. Repair your vehicle-get a damage estimate and have your vehicle repaired:

Typically, you will meet with an ICBC estimator and a damage repair estimate will be completed for your vehicle. You will then take your car to the repair shop of your choice.

6. Seek medical attention (doctor and therapy)

Go see your family doctor as soon as possible after the accident. Go to a hospital or walk-in clinic if you cannot get in to see your doctor. Take pictures of any visible injuries. It is vital to document your car accident injuries as soon as possible.

Important Topics/Questions and Answers:
ICBC Settlement

The vast majority of ICBC car accident claims result in a ICBC settlement prior to trial. In order to receive fair and reasonable compensation from ICBC, your claim needs to be properly reviewed, assessed and presented. Making an informed settlement includes obtaining the clinical records of your health practitioners, obtaining medical legal reports, quantifying your wage loss claim, determining if your future income will be impacted and determining the future types of care you require. Some of the methods we use to obtain a fair ICBC settlement are ICBC settlement proposals, formal and informal mediation, judicial settlement conferences and proceeding to trial.

Contingency Fee Agreements

We offer contingency fee agreements for our clients. This means that we offer our clients agreements in which we do not need a retainer or any money up front. We do not get paid unless and after we obtain your settlement for you with ICBC.

Why you need a lawyer:

Being involved and injured in a car accident in BC can be overwhelming. Our goal is to fully comprehend your injuries the impact on your life and family, communicate with ICBC on your behalf so that you can focus on the important aspects such as your family, your health and ability to cope with your returning your life back to life before the car accident.

What types of ICBC awards are available from an ICBC car accident claim?

Pain & Suffering: If you are not at fault for the accident, you may be entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering; and impact for the loss and enjoyment of life;
Wage Loss which includes (wage loss since the accident and potential future wage loss);
Future Care: compensation for care to assist with your injuries;
Special Damages/out of pocket expenses;
Compensation for family members that provide assistance.

The above is not a complete list. Telephone us today to discuss the potential damages available to you.

ICBC Statement:
The ICBC adjuster wants to meet with me at and ICBC claim centre to draft an ICBC statement and I am nervous about it?

You are required to provide a statement that describes the accident and the injuries you sustained within 30 days of the accident. Telephone us today to discuss your options.We can draft a statement and send it to ICBC on your behalf.

Types of Injuries:

The range of injuries that can result from a car accident or other personal injury circumstance is vast and include physical and psychological injuries. Injuries and terms you may have heard include: soft tissue injuries, ICBC whiplash injury, brain injury, spinal cord injury, paraplegia and quadriplegia, fractures, amputations and concussion. It is also commonplace for people to suffer psychological injuries such as depression, anxiety, distress.

What is a low velocity claim or ICBC LVI denial?

A low velocity or LVI claim denial is an accident in which "the minimal nature of the impact forces"…."did not result in an any compensable injury". As a result, ICBC "will not consider any payments." In other words, ICBC denies payment for injuries on the basis of a motor vehicle being too small to result in injuries. You may have received a letter from your ICBC adjuster that was similar to the above. We represent clients with LVI claims. Telephone us to today to discuss your claim even if ICBC has denied your claim based on the "minimal nature of the impact forces."

What steps are required for my claim?

To properly start your claim, you must:

Apply for Accident Benefits (Part 7 no fault benefits) within 90 days of your accident. Call us today and we will complete this form on your behalf;
Provide a written statement to ICBC describing the accident and your injuries within 30 days. We will draft this statement on your behalf.

You may be required to attend medical and occupational assessments arranged by ICBC to determine your on-going entitlement to medical and rehabilitation benefits.

ICBC CLAIMS Outside of Vancouver:

Do you represent clients outside of Vancouver?

Absolutely! We represent clients in different parts of British Columbia with adjusters in different ICBC Claim centres.

Limitation Periods/Starting a Legal Action

You must start a legal action in the BC Supreme Court or Provincial Court within two years of your accident. If you do not start a claim within two years of your accident, your right to claim for injuries will be lost. Phone us today to prepare the court documents to start a lawsuit for your car accident injuries.